All about Thailand

My Name is Desi silvia zahara. I come from University of Muhammadiyah North Sumatera, Indonesia. My University asked me to go to Thailand, to followed student exchange as Southeast-Asia during one month. Start from January 22, 2018- February 18, 2018.

On Tuesday January 23, 2018. I arrived in Don Mueng International Airport, Bangkok Thailand. I am so excited to be here, an experience i will never forget. Should all of students have to leave on Sunday because on Monday the activity has started. But, because my passport was problematic so I have to delayed my departure and finally have to leave alone, but it does not matter to me.  When arrived at Airport, Tan pick me up to go to Phranakhon Rajabat University.. She was a student from Phranakhon Rajabat University. Arrived at PNRU. We are going to Lunch at Phranakhon Grand View.  After lunch, we are going to the Dorm behind university for rest. The dorm was far from university. We are walked to go there. I should paid 100…